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Stained Glass Bracelet - Topaz & Olivine

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Original price $69.00
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Our line of Stained Glass Bracelets combine beautiful glass and crystal beads in a variety of styles. The crystal beads create a unique stained glass effect that twinkles in light.

Due to federal regulations, this product may not be sold to children ages 12 and under due to traces of lead left in the bead bronzing process.

Recommended for ages 12 & up

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Beads – Glass, crystal, and crystal with bronze leaded foil. Crystal beads with bronze leaded foil are not recommended for children

Wire – 49 strands of stainless steel coated in nylon; 26 lb strength test

Crimps – Rhodium

Emblem – Stainless Steel

Jump rings – Stainless Steel

Clasp - Stainless Steel

Product Care

Beaded medical ID bracelets are not recommended for use during physical activity. Please note that extended exposure to the kinds of chemicals used in swimming pools and cleaning supplies may cause the bronze leading to oxidize, and may cause discoloration of coated or pearlized beads. To clean, wash with warm water and a mild detergent, and polish with a microfiber cloth. Please note that for safety reasons our jump rings are not welded shut: if your bracelet or necklace gets dangerously cau