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​If you are assisting someone who is wearing an EmergencyID product that has a 12 digit code on it, then more information is available in an online Datafile.

To access this information:

All information contained within the Datafile is controlled by the patient. EmergencyID does not modify or touch the information contained in Datafiles in any way.

Datafiles can be created by anyone, free of charge. You do not have to buy any of our products - you can simply write the code on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet! For more information on how to create an online Datafile, please click here.


The Life-Threatening Allergies Your Child Might Encounter At School

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As a parent, one of the biggest worries is how to keep your child safe from the things that may harm them. This may include preventing physical injuries (e.g. always wearing a helmet, kneepads , et cetera), to even protecting them from the intangible things and prolonging their childhood imagination (e.g. the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, and the like ). If your child suffers from allergies, especially ones that go beyond mild irritation, your worries likely increase when they go off to school every day. Below are some of the most common life - threatening allergies school children often...

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How To Celebrate Christmas With Food Allergies

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One of the shining characteristics of the winter holiday season, particularly when it comes to Christmas, is the plethora of delicious food, from cookies and cakes to turkey and stuffing. Christmas is quite the indulgent holiday, which is part of the reason why people enjoy it so much. What could be better than relaxing with friends and family while eating sweets and fatty foods?  However, for some, Christmas can also be rife with risks. If you or someone else in your family suffers from food allergies, Christmas time can bring stress and anxiety as unknown ingredients and recipes line the...

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Food Labels: Can They Accidentally Confuse Someone with Allergies?

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Food labels first appeared in the United States in 1924 and have since become commonplace. Legitimately marketed and sold food products commonly bear a label offering such information as the amount of calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins.  Such information allows consumers to make informed choices about the foods they eat. Not only can you find out what foods benefit your health, but also ones that could cause you harm, if consumed in high quantities. In 2004, the Food Allergy Labeling and Consumer Protection Act passed. The idea behind the legislation was to give consumers with food allergies...

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Lowering the Risk of Food Allergies for Infants

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Food allergies are the bane of many people’s existence. Even at the best of times, they can complicate life; serious allergic, reactions like anaphylactic shock, can end your life. The diagnosis and treatment of food allergies is important and this is particularly true in the case of infants. The younger we are, the more difficult it is to fight off life-threatening conditions. FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) reports that 1 in every 13 children in the United States under the age of 18 has a food allergy.   Some have advocated introducing problematic foods early in life to help...

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May is Food Allergy Awareness Month (FAAM) in Canada

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According to Health Canada, approximately 2.5 million Canadians self-identify as suffering from food-related allergies or sensitivities. Food allergies vary from mild to moderate, and potentially life threatening.  Symptoms can range from skin irritations to hives and more seriously, difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis shock.  The purpose of Food Allergy Awareness Month is to shed light on food allergies, raise awareness and to help educate the Canadian public on how to avoid food-related allergic reactions.  The best way to prevent food-related allergic reactions to is avoid foods or ingredients to which you have a known allergy.  This can be difficult at times...

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